Madeline Auerbach Biography

Below is the biography for Mrs. Madeline Auerbach.  Auerbach is the principal partner in the syndicate which owns Unusual Heat.

Born: October 4, 1944, in Yorkshire, England

Resident: Bell Canyon, California

Family: Sons Harris and Patrick; daughter Erin; daughter-in-law Robin  and grandchildren

Professional Experience- Co-Founded and operated JSA Corp, dba Hippopotamus with late husband Jim.  Was a successful female
executive in the home furnishings business for 30 years with JSA Corp.  

Equine Experience- First horse owned was Bravo Bravo, claimed with husband Jim in 1977.  Elected to Thoroughbred Owners of California
Board of Directors in 2006, she served on the board until January 2014. Owns and operates a large racing and breeding operation stabled
in Southern California.

Auerbach is also the founder and Chairman for the foundation CARMA (California Retirement Management Account) for retired racehorses
and is a founding director and Vice-Chair of the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.

In 2011, Auerbach was elected as a member of The Jockey Club of America.

In 2014, Auerbach was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to the California Horse Racing Board as a commissioner.

Horses most associated with Mrs. Auerbach include:

  • Unusual Heat
  • Lethal Heat- 2 Time California Champion
  • Golden Doc A- Grade 1 Winner
  • Knight Prospector- Grade 2 Winner
  • Forty Niner Days- Grade 2 Winner
  • Tucked Away- Grade 2 Winner
  • Robinski- Grade 2 Winner
  • Lennyfromalibu- World Record Holder
  • Pretty Unusual- Grade 2 Winner
  • Burns- Grade 2 Winner, California Champion
  • Bel Air Sizzle
  • Shem Tov I
  • Chemolo
  • Bel Air Belle
  • Lethal Leta
  • Lethal Hunter
  • Style of The Year
  • Laguna Sunrise
  • Little Hottie
  • Shorten Sail
  • Tucked Away
  • Thermal Ablasion
  • Orbit's World
  • Sweet Gazelle
  • God's Ear
  • Fly and Eagle
  • Add Heat
  • America's Friend
  • Brushburn
  • Mensa Heat
  • The Toast of Troy
  • The Usual
  • Feel The Heat
  • Fevered
  • Unusual Sunrise
  • Frankie Eyelashes
  • Jay Ay
  • Lake Marina
  • Hot n' Dusty
  • Lazered
  • Jax El
  • Party With Brando
  • Call Me Honcho
  • Lightmyfirebaby
  • Flashover
  • Magic School
  • Phi Beta Heat
  • Starspangled Heat
  • Unusual Beam
  • Hotradamus
  • Lakerville
  • Huntsville
  • Heat Du Jour
  • Empty Headed
  • Marina Del Heat
  • Cardiac
  • Majestic Heat
  • Lethal Story
  • McHeat
Lennyfromalibu takes The Cal Cup
Mile at Oak Tree at Santa Anita
Tucked Away wins The Clement L.
Hirsch (Grade 2) at Del Mar
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Photos courtesy of M.Auerbach, LLC, Benoit Photo, Harris Auerbach, TOC, The Bloodhorse
Pretty Unusual wins The El Encino
Stakes (Grade 2) at Santa Anita